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​JOY - "Joy knows no limits; it keeps reaching for a vision of our lives that elevates higher and higher."

Alyson Quinn has been working as a counsellor for over 25 years. As a holistic counsellor she uses a combination of psychotherapeutic and energetic techniques that assist in empowering her clients to heal from within. Her expertise covers depression, anxiety, grief, self-esteem, communication, anger management, couples issues, identity issues and conflict resolution. Sessions are geared towards clients learning to be their own healer. If you are interested in a phone session or a session in Vancouver please fill out a contact form.


Please note: In order to protect client privacy, names have been omitted from the testimonials.

"You are like a Zen stick - you wake people up, you cut through un-truth and all see goodness in darkness."
-Vancouver, BC

"You do reach out with an uncanny intuition and a sensitivity that I could almost envy (except I am not certain I would want that sensitivity as it would change me into perhaps someone I don’t want to be), but more than that, you supplement your challenges with thought-provoking questions. And when the question is beyond the comprehension or understanding of the person challenged you give them a framework to work on that will help them understand the underlying issue. It is always a pleasure to watch a skilled and consummate master at work."
-Vancouver, BC

  • Individual and couples counselling services offered in Vancouver.
  • Sessions are available on Friday afternoons or evenings.
  • To arrange a session or for more information on counselling please use the contact form.