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HOPE  - "It is as if our heart is attached to a butterfly's wings, lifting and alighting us, taking us into the ether where hope builds on more hope."

How to Feel It, Unlock Patterns and Release It 

Another overriding work passion is to write. To date I have published 5 books and a chapter including Experiential Unity theory and Model: Reclaiming the Soul and a second edition Experiential Unity Theory and Model; Treating Trauma in Therapy. My self-help book Reclaim the soul your path to healing has now a new expanded version namely Heal Trauma: How to Feel it, Unlock Patterns and Release it published in February 2023.

My writing often takes me on adventures across the globe. Often, I return back to Southern Africa, where I lived for 25 years, to revisit the haunting beauty of the untrammelled wilds. My novel When the River Wakes Up was inspired by my childhood experience in Zimbabwe when it was in the midst of a political crisis.

Heal Trauma: How to Feel It, Unlock Patterns and Release It  is a powerful companion for anyone wanting to work through past trauma. Trauma, when activated, can produce a wide range of symptoms including increased anxiety and depression, body pain, loss of memory and concentration, difficulties sleeping, flashbacks, nightmares, the desire to isolate socially and a wide range of intense feelings to name a few. Read more...

Alyson's New Book Is Now Out

Trauma Informed Practice Training - Testimonials

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My work passion is to facilitate healing using a Trauma informed practice approach in Individual, Couples counselling and Group therapy.  As a Trauma informed specialist, I am committed to a counselling practice that draws on the wisdom of the body and uses a variety of mind/ body techniques to assist in the release of trauma and aid the healing process. Another work-related passion is to teach Trauma informed Practice training to a wide variety of professionals in monthly workshops held on Zoom through Eventbrite.  I believe practising from a Trauma informed perspective makes a dramatic difference as it deals with the root of the problem and is not just focused on symptoms that are a result of trauma.