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“Alyson Quinn is what I call a life coach. Her book is an easy to read,excellent guide through the difficulties [we experience] on our journey throughlife. . . . Read, learn, and make your journey through life a more meaningful and pleasant experience.”

— Bernie Siegel, MD, author of A Book of Miracles and Faith: Hope and Healing

“This is a book steeped in the wisdom of a seasoned clinician. . . . Alyson provides deep yet immediately accessible meditations on our emotions, what keeps us from them, and how we can reconnect with them.” —Geoff Michell,MA, psychotherapist“ As a social worker and clinical therapist with thirty years’ experience, I found Reclaim Your Soul: Your Path to Healing a ‘must read’ for everyone.

​Ms. Quinn’s skills at expressing the emotional ills of our modern Western culture makes the reader explore his/her own life. The pathway to self actualization makes us face ourselves in a heightened and new way. . . . Herbook comes at an opportune time for all of us to sit up, take notice, becomeself-aware, and make some changes to become whole again.” — Illa Gibson,MSW, CCR

Reclaim Your Soul: Your Path to Healing  explores self-transformation. Many of us find ourselves suppressing emotions and falling victim to patterns of unhealthy behavior. We can live this way for decades in a half-baked existence, not knowing why meaninglessness plagues our days and leaves us feeling unsatisfied. The goal of this book is to immerse the reader in previously suppressed feelings. Readers will be able to liberate themselves and allow themselves to feel in order to heal successfully. The book also illuminates patterns that keep us stuck. Each vignette describes a way out of the morass and contributes to exponentially building our awareness. Reclaim Your Soul highlights patterns and feelings that serve to increase our strength and enrich our lives. Through this process, we can start to reach for dreams that uplift our soul and help us achieve our fullest potential.

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DESIRE and TURBULENCE - "Desires beg us to reach higher and further; inner turbulence states emphatically 'this is the way.'"